In the Bear’s Den

A Showcase and Vision for Bartlett’s Library by Tom Grenier

Whether on ASD provided equipment or a personal computing or communication device, all users of the ASD network are expected to engage in socially responsible behavior.

All communications and data that transmitted across the district network should be considered public and all district rules regarding civil and appropriate behavior apply there.

Violations of these policies can result in loss of network privileges, disciplinary action, or in extreme cases, criminal charges.

Access to the ASD network is a privilege,  not a right and therefore entails responsibilities.

Network storage areas should be considered to be public space. Files there may be reviewed by ASD officials at anytime and should related to education in nature.

Within reason, access to information and freedom of speech will be honored by ASD personnel. For more information see the ASD Student Rights document and school board policies.

The following behaviors and activities are not permitted on ASD school and library equipment and networks:

1. Transmitting or receiving offensive messages or pictures.

2. Using language inappropriate for a school setting.

3. Harassing, insulting, or attacking others. 

4. Violating copyright laws.

5. Pursuing unauthorized access to folders, work or files other than your own.

6.Employing the network for personal or financial gain.

7. Deliberate damage or interference with hardware or software.

8.  Use of ASD computers or networks for illegal activities.

9. Using a password other than your own.

Violation of these policies may result in a loss of access as well as other disciplinary or legal actions. See the ASD School Board Policies and the Student Rights and Responsibilities document for more information on these standards (ASD 2012).

Bartlett High School and Library Acceptable Online Conduct Policy