In the Bear’s Den

A Showcase and Vision for Bartlett’s Library by Tom Grenier

The Bartlett High School Library provides students with the resources, guidance, and technology needed to support their classroom instruction and journey towards becoming life-long learners and engaged citizens in our information-age society. To achieve these ends, the library operates as a center for academic development and exploration, community interaction, cultural and media literacy, and venue for the celebration of literacy, achievement, and the exchange and sharing of ideas for all students in the Bartlett High School community.

The Bartlett High School Librarian will work to secure and update resources, foster an environment conducive to learning and critical thinking, and facilitate access to an information base that enriches the life experiences of all members of the campus community.

The librarian will be an advocate for connecting library resources to school curriculum and a provider of resources that enrich the critical thinking skills and media literacy of all school community members. These ends will be achieved by maintaining strong communication channels with faculty and providing a welcoming environment and contemporary catalogue of library resources to all users in the community.

All students in the Bartlett community are entitled to access a library that welcomes their identity, validates their perspective, and expands their understanding of and ability to access and evaluate a wide variety of information sources.

The Bartlett Library Mission

The Role of the Bartlett High School Librarian