In the Bear’s Den

A Showcase and Vision for Bartlett’s Library by Tom Grenier

To keep pace with the diverse interest and needs of our students, and to maintain an updated and dynamic atmosphere, the appearance and available resources in our library must be constantly maintained and updated. The library should also increasingly become a center of literacy and social events as well as a source of narratives and other works that reflect the varied ethnicities, cultures, and experiences of our school community.

In the next year, students entering the library should see the beginnings of a renovation of the furniture and computer workstations. The improvement in furnishings and replacement of aging electronics with more functional and fashionable computers will enhance the usability of the library and spark enthusiasm among students as they notice the updates and technology improvements. This will increase the attraction of the library as a center for work and recreation.

In addition to the furniture and equipment updates, the library will more so become a center of events as the schedule of community and literacy celebration activities increases. Battle of the Books and Poetry Out Loud competitions, some after school, others using the presentation area during lunch, will contribute to the increased vivaciousness of the space. Poetry slams, open mic, and cultural dance demonstrations will increase the sense of inclusion in the school community. College scholarship signings and other celebrations of academic and athletic achievement will continue to take place in the library as well.

In the stacks and the new title promotion displays, students will begin noticing titles that reflect their ethnicity, perspective, and life experiences. These diversifications in catalogue selection and promotion will increase interest in recreational reading and in turn compliment critical thinking and other skills associated with increased literacy activities.

The next three years should be exciting ones at the library. With ongoing updates to furniture and technology, an upswing in literary events, and continuing updates and diversification of the titles catalogue, the library should become even more of an academic and social heart of the Bartlett school community.

Short and Long-term Plans