Hi Everybody,

     Thanks for your interest in biathlon and for  checking out our program.

     My name's Tom Grenier and I'm the head coach and program manager of Biathlon Alaska. Together with my older daughter, Zoey, and numerous master and junior athletes who coach with us, we run the largest all-ages biathlon training program in Alaska.

     We currently coach several masters athletes, juniors who compete in national and international competition, an amazing Paralympian, and a growing number of younger athletes. We also host competitive and recreational biathlon activities at the Kincaid Park range and have put on or participated in biathlon clinics in Fairbanks, Nome, and the Canadian National Training Center in Camore, Alberta. Over the years, we've hosted athletes from the United States and French National biathlon teams to clinic and train at Kincaid Park as well as coaches who have earned international biathlon medals.

         We've studied and learned from the athletes and coaches we've hosted at the range and used what we've learned from them to develop an approach to biathlon instruction that we believe is a great fit for  Anchorage and other Alaskan athletes. The countless Arctic Winter Games medals and shooting performances recorded by the Eagle Eyes alumni who have filled Alaskan biathlon  results over the last ten years suggests to us we're on the right track.

     As Program Director, I'm a Level I certified Biathlon Coach with US Biathlon and have attended ski and biathlon coaching symposiums at both the Colorado Springs and Lake Placid Olympic Training Centers. I've also studied with Norwegian National Team member and National record holder Sondre Nordberg and  coached athletes in biathlon at the US Team World Junior Championships Biathlon trials and the Arctic Winter Games. I've coached Alaskan cross country ski teams at several Arctic Winter Games and US Junior Olympic Championships. I've also coached high school cross country running, skiing and track and field in Anchorage over the last 20 years.  

     Together with Zoey, a three-time Arctic Winter Games biathlete with multiple medals and other honors, Junior Nordic Hawks coach, and my assistant in coaching high school  running and skiing, we've created a biathlon training progression that's fun, productive and works with the athletes interested in taking advantage of the great ski training programs in Anchorage. We also enjoy working with athletes from all over Alaska, hence our name.    

        With our focus on safety, proper rifle fit, shooting techniques, and making practices fun and challenging, we've created a biathlon program that is a fine entry point for any athlete wanting to excel in the sport. Come learn biathlon with us. You'll love it!

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To join a class, complete our Athlete Survey. We use our survey results to fit athletes to the class that's right for them.

     For more information about Biathlon Alaska, feel free to contact me, Tom Grenier, at biathlonak@gmail.com.

     See you at the range!


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